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We are living mindfulness with nature and care about environment. We sincerely like to create and combine herbs and organic fruits together from Southeast Asia for everyone useful in this world, women and men.

We adhere to the wisdom of nature and the environment. We would like to create and combine the herbs and organic fruits together from Southeast Asia for all the useful people in this world, both men and women.
Natural Soap
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Price: $7.00


Our shop is carefully selected raw materials. So there is a formula with the smell.
That is unique We import Essential Oil from foreign countries such as Italy and Australia, etc. Hot and fresh herbs in Thailand in the North and Northeast. Support Thai farmers in A grade coconut oil directly from the Southern flowers, powdered bamboo charcoal extract. Imported from France and Japan.


Our target customers are Organic / Natural.
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Gili Islands and Her Zoo
220/165 สราญสิริ2 ซ.18 ปัญญาอินทรา คลองสามวา บางขัน กรุงเทพมหานคร แขวงบางชัน เขตคลองสามวา กรุงเทพมหานคร Kalasin Thailand
Tel: 092-7454599

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