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KhooSettee Thai Amulets , Thai charm amulets

take direct from temple real 100%

-Lp Khambu Wat Kudchomphoo Ubonratchatani

-LP nong Wat wungsithong  , Sakaew

-LP In 

-Lp Buapah

- Lp smarn

-Lp simeung

- Lp khurn

- LP duen

- Lp Somchai , Wat Darn Gwee-an, Korat

- Koobah Det

-Koobah Kaew mah

- LP Sawat

- Koobah noi Wat BoonYong Payao

- archan Pormor Thong Sakonnakorn

- Poo Prom from Combodia

- Lp Jan from Combodia

- Lp Amnard Chaiyaphoom

- Pra archan Thep Pongsawadarn Chaiyaphoom

-archan Ves

-archan Veerathep

-Lp Sawat

-Koobah Taiong

NMP sakod Nang(control mind of girl) byPor Mor Thong.. , Sakonnakorn
Code: 000269
Price: $73.33


NMP sakod Nang(control mind of girl) byPor Mor Thong.. ,  Sakonnakorn … orginal by Cambodian subject.

Super strong metta , ppl be love , sutable for who like many gf/bf or who cant find the lover , made by real NMP and Charm Powder , that Pu Mor Pab  his master pass to Por Mor Thong..

Mix each  one by one bottle, wan mahasane mahalong 7types  , chang Pasom khong oil ,  oil took from elephant be in rut, sepeung rangrung , pure Jan oil (must buy from virgin girls only )Por Mor Thong  mix all ingredient together at full moon night on special day, ard 12.00 am , and had blessed at “Sam Preng way”(this way that ppl believed ghost or spirits only use this way come out from ghost city) , and was keep chanting kata total 108times 

This info from ex magazine yrs 2548!!!!!

3 wasy to use

1, apply ppl

2. apply on the user

3. make a wish ...just keep only also very gd effect

Na Pook Jit Na pook jai Powder by lp Kean Ubonratchatani
Code: 000343
Price: $30.00

Na Pook Jit Na pook jai Powder by lp Kean Ubonratchatani 

for control mind ppl , charming , metta mahaniyom, wealth , ppl treat good , good busniess 

use apply shop or stock or face of the user , mix a bit with water before use >>>> 900THB paypal accepted

Lp Kean Ubonratchatani , when Lp Kean was tudong went to Laos (pilgrimage ) that time many people in Ubon ard 100 persons were seeing Lp Kean was walking on the Khong River step by step , without any Shoe and no sank util reached Laos now Lp Kean Still alive with age 90 yrs old

Nang Plah mahasane
Code: 000003
Price: $33.33


for charming , metta, gambling luck , good luck , good trade , business , call money 

takut placenta of cat (Takut rok maew) by Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong , Amnatchroen
Code: 000192
Price: $33.33

takut placenta of cat (Takut rok maew) first batch year 2551 + draw yant by hand by Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong , Amnatchroen 

for wealth , call money , good trade , business , gambling luck with real placenta of cats powder and Lp had draw yant by hand ..

real experiean ..many poeple got good trade after keep this takut , lp told us when he still alive if keep this cat takut , the cat will can smell takut and come place , must not hit it , if who can feed them they will bring good luck to u and family . , and many pep[;e pe after keep this takut won lottery , and one diciple of lp ..who want to sell land but cant sell for 5 years ..after keep this takut one month only after than can sell that land so eazy and return donatation some money to temple of lp boon lai 

this takut is ex batch that time lp still healty could draw yant by hand each piecce , after year 2554 lp became sick and cant draw yant anymore , next batch only draw by machine

Neang Salan takut , by lp Jan from Combodia
Code: 000113
Price: $73.33

Neang Salan takut , by lp Jan from Combodia

made from promprie inside with 59 sprits of girls who will be go reborn to be the aggle ..did not force them and lp had invited the gods came to bleesed together

for charming ,Strong attraction , metta , good trade , increase luck

rian Paya Wanorn silver Nawa with Code by Lp Anun , Bangpleenoi temple , Samutprakarn
Code: 000012
Price: $0.00

for good luck , gambling luck , business good , call money , Protect house /car / farm (have many good experience ex. one guy bucha the payant from temple to take care of farm prawn coz that time he had not much money to take amulets or bucha after he hang the payant at small house at farm some people always saw many monkey were smiming in the water meaning the monkey always protect the user ..) , feed like kumarn thong , feed by banana and water ..

if the wish is come true just return by banana ..chant kata one time every day

Pra khunpen with miroor ,Lp Simeung , Wat KHankhuntod , Supanburi
Code: 000131
Price: $53.30

Pra khunpen with miroor ,Lp Simeung , Wat KHankhuntod , Supanburi

charmig , metta , mahaniyom , wealth , increase luck , good trade , good business with mirror for get rid black magic, and able to control mind people

made only 899 pieces , wan 108 types , with special mirror behide for get rid black magic + takut huajai khunphen 3 pieces  + takut paya na long lai 5 pieces for control mide people + 1 takut huajai chai + 1 tukut huajai ying 

Pra Jaw Sua mahasettee (special powder) black color by Lp Nong Wat Wungsithong , sakaew
Code: 000171
Price: $9.97

Pra Jaw Sua mahasettee (special powder) black color by Lp Nong Wat Wungsithong  , sakaew

ingredient by special powder , yah kru powder , soil took from face of the tabor  and wan 108 types

for wealth , call money , increase luck ,business , ,good trade..

Kumarnthong (Pet Prai Thong batch yrs 2555) size 3 inches by Lp Chuan , Wat Khaokaew , Angthong
Code: 000270
Price: $13.33

Kumarnthong "Pet Prai Thong batch yrs 2555" size 3 inches by Lp Chuan , Wat Khaokaew , Angthong

for gambling luck , increase luck , wishper , super good luck , call money wishper , protection


made by real bone powder belong of childrens , soil from 7 cemetery

Pee moh is cream with promprai powder by Archan Ves , New!! made only 20 pieces
Code: 000160
Price: $33.33

Pee moh (spirits in cray pot) is cream with promprai powder by Archan Ves , New!! made only 20 pieces

able to feed like KMT  , cream for charming , metta , add in with spirits able to help in business , call money , increase luck , protection


sane cream + real bone powder + salika 1 pair + 2 takut + wan sane and had invited the spirits came into each pieces

Locket Petpayatorn gold color Lp In ,Wat Nongmek , Surin
Code: 000019
Price: $133.33

with  skin snake takut 3 pieces +  huajai chai ying takut 2 pieces + takut huajai petpayatorn 2 pieces + raksorn flower + 2 pearl

made only 599 pieces

call +66877058282 nam

Inku doll (lover meung thom) by Lp Noi Wat Pah Donpradoo , Sakornnakorn
Code: 000331
Price: $83.33

Inku doll (lover meung thom) by Lp Noi Wat Pah Donpradoo , Sakornnakorn

The image of men a women are hugging and sitting on the skull, made by original subject of LP Jan from Cambodia (is Neang Salan Subject who use Neang Salan Oil and Neng Salan takut belong of Lp Jan will know well how good effect ) able to make a wish for love life , who no lover , call soul mate ,who always bad luck in love life

These InKu had blessed for long time totally 3 times

-1st time before Lp Jan pass away Lp noi gave all this batch to Lp Jan , and LP Jan Had blessed in the Centre of the old Cambodian castle total 7days then lp Jan blessed finish

- 2nd time blessed for 7days by Lp Sawat from Payao who is very famous in “Nang Ram Rai subject” is original Cambodian subject

Lp Noi Said ..”only lp Jan blessed at the first time is very very strong power because Thai and Combodian People who use Lp Jan Amulets before know well how Lp Jan Power and why I must gave these 2 Lp blessed frist because each Luangpu is very strong in charm subject but they have own charm subject and different (Lp Jan is original Cambodian subject , Lp Sawat is original Lanna Subject) so after finish blessed by 2nd times this Inku are very very strong because had mix together with 2 subject by both famous master ”

-      Third time Lp Noi had blessed for 2 years by himself alone at his own temple

Ingredient made by :

1.    Old hook powder 2000  year for control mind people , control lover  like under magic of the user , good in metta , ppl treat the user good , ppl love and also able to call back ex lover , ex boyfriend , ex girlfriend , call soul mate , call lover , wealth , this hook already used before for super long time and pass many ritual wai ku day at Cambodia for many times , same as the hook able to control big animal like Elephant , even that Elephant be in rut ..


2.    Soil from Mae Tor ra nee total 7 cemetery , these is special ingredient for control mind people , lover ,boss , worker , call lover , call soul mate , call back lover ,call back girl friend , call back boy friend when make a wish ,  think of the Mae tor ra nee ,the wish will come true faster

3.    Prom Prai Powder (ashes of real bone belong of couple who pass away together and  been together until pass away total many couple from Meung thom , Cambodia ) for love Forever , be together for ever ,  sutable for who always painful in Love life , no lover , looking find for new lover , call soul mate , if lover treat the user no good will change to be better , if treat good already the lover will treat the user good more and more

4.    Most Special Ingredient is “Pure Nam Mon Prai Neang Salan No mix original from hand Lp Jan , Cambodai ” who use the NMP Neng salan 59 spirits belong of Lp Jan before will know well how good effect , LP Jan had give some Pure Nam Mon Prai Neang Salan No mix to Lp Noi Before Lp Jan Pass away, lp Noi had mix this  Pure NMP Neang Salan together will all ingredient for super strong charming , metta , mahaniyom, ppl love , boss love , attractive opposite sex even the same sex

5.    Charm herbs  such as Wan dok thong , wan nan glom (many girl ard) ,wan saw long (girl crazy) ,wan sane jan, wan chang pasom khong, wan mahaniyom, lp Noi had blessed these charm herbs by “Mon paya tae krua, kata Maha Sakod (for control mind people) , kata call soul mate /call lover , kara Jaw choo pra too Din (flirt kata) lp had slowly blessed these kata onto charm herbs one by one types ”

6.  yant na Long Lai Powder , Yant reak jit pi chi jai powder (yant control mind , tie mind People like under the magic of the user ) , Ma ha sakod Powder (control mind people) , rak kan jon wan tai powder(love forever )

7 Ka fak rak powder , mai rak tai prai Powder , rak sorn powder (many lover) , Mai Ma yom wood dead by lighting

****** made 1500 pieces

Make love takut (Pink takut) by Ac Mahatana
Code: 000350
Price: $0.00

Make love takut (Pink takut) by Ac Mahatana


***** email and ask pricde at

for charming , strong charms , attractive opposite sex even the same sex

use before make love with lover for make lover crazy in the user by ac mahatana  draw by hand ..
Man n women user tie string different side n draw different yant so this takut can use both sex  .. before make love with lover chant kata and rub the takut on ur sexual organ 3 times  then go to dating or go make love the lover after make love will make lover crazy on the user always think of the user till cant do anything want to see face want to hear voice the user, if who relationship with the lover no good will be improve relationship 

- even no gf or bf and looking find for lover man/girl and just wear the takut on neck or bottom will attractive opposite sex , increase charm , when , man/lady user wear this takut already can be with them eazy ,if later after use this takut can be together already  then able to use this takut before make love

- this takut is mainstream takut no spirits

>>> if no bf/gf yet and looking find for real love just wear and wish only is strong enough

Naka hugging Lp Koi Samnak Pahdeng, Chantaburi
Code: 000232
Price: $10.00

Naka hugging Lp Koi Samnak Pahdeng, Chantaburi

for metta , charming , increase luck ,good business , ppl be love

Pra Siwali Lp Buapa(special pim) , Wat Nangam , Sakaew
Code: 000295
Price: $16.67

Pra Pong Siwali  Lp Buapa(special pim) , Wat Nangam , Sakaew 

for wealth , good luck , good trade , good business , call money  




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