Author : Pete Dexter ISBN: 9780446540728 Publisher : Grand Central Publishing Warren Spooner was born on the first of Dece

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Author : Pete Dexter   
ISBN  : 9780446540728  

Publisher : Grand Central Publishing   

Warren Spooner was born on the first of December 1956, in Milledgeville, Georgia, after a prolonged labor in a makeshift delivery room in a doctor's office. His dad died shortly afterward, long before Spooner could have even a memory of his face. Eventually, his father was replaced by Calmer Ottosson, a once-brilliant young naval officer recently court-martialed out of the service. This is the story of the lifelong tie between the two men, poles apart. It is the story of Spooner's troubled childhood, troubled adolescence, and violent and troubled adulthood and of Ottosson's inexhaustible patience—his lifelong struggle to salvage his stepson, a man he would never understand.  

This edition : September 2009 
Hardback : 480 pages
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