MANFROTTO 509HD Pro Fluid Video Head 100

MANFROTTO 509HD Pro Fluid Video Head 100

MANFROTTO 509HD Pro Fluid Video Head 100

  • ราคา 35,700.00.- 41,944.00.-


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D-Equipment 4U

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The 509HD is the result of an important technical evolution - the perfect synthesis between an innovative “bridge architecture” and Manfrotto’s cutting edge engineering: Bridging Technology - an exclusive Manfrotto patent. A new bridge leading the videographer and photographer to even better results with today's high-definition cameras. The 509HD’s FDS (Fluid Drag System) is based on variable fluid cartridges on both, TILT and PAN axes; the ergonomics of the controls have been noticeably improved to make use of the FDS even easier. Movement around the axes is smoothed by ball-bearing units which remove all unwanted vibration. All of this guarantees ultimate control and excellent video camera support, no matter what the situation, the shooting style, or the equipment set-up. The load capacity has also been improved: the 509HD supports kit up to 28.8lb (13kg) at 55mm c.o.g and two 3/8” threads on the top plate allow accessories, such as monitors and arms, to be fitted straight to the head, thus eliminating the need for extra clamps, saving set-up time and freeing the video camera’s hot shoe for other components. 509HD features the ABR (Advanced Balancing Recorder) for precision when fixing equipment, ensuring a perfect balancing position, saving time and making this operation much more efficient, accurate and fast. The system can be leveled thanks to the Ø100mm half ball and the illuminated leveling bubble. Systems available with aluminum twin legs tripods (middle spreader or ground spreader) or carbon fiber single tubes tripod.


Additional Pan Handle 509HLV 
Attachment 3/8" male thread attachment type
Attachment Number 1/4" and 3/8" screws attachment type
Balance Control 4 step: 0kg – 4.3kg – 8.65kg – 13kg 
Front Tilt -60° / +90° tilt range
Half Ball Diameter 3.94 in
Independent Pan Lock yes 
Independent Tilt Lock yes 
Levelling Bubble illuminated 
Material aluminum 
Maximum Working Temperature 60
Minimum Working Temperature -20
Pan Bar Positions 2 number
Pan Bars Included (No.) 1 number
Pan Drag continuously adjustable from 0 to max level 
Panoramic Rotation 360 °
Patent pat. pending 
Plate Type 509PLONG 
Quick Release yes 
Secondary Safety System yes 
Sliding Travel of Plate 3.27 in
Tilt Drag continuously adjustable from 0 to max level 
Load Capacity 28.66 lbs
Weight 8.38 lbs
Working Height 7.01 in


MANFROTTO 509HD Pro Fluid Video Head 100
MANFROTTO 509HD Pro Fluid Video Head 100
35,700.00.- 41,944.00.-