CURTIS 1205M-5601 DC Motor Controller 36/48V 500A (ของใหม่)
CURTIS 1205M-5601 DC Motor Controller 36/48V 500A (ของใหม่)
CURTIS 1205M-5601 DC Motor Controller 36/48V 500A (ของใหม่)
CURTIS 1205M-5601 DC Motor Controller 36/48V 500A (ของใหม่)

CURTIS 1205M-5601 DC Motor Controller 36/48V 500A (ของใหม่)

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Curtis 1205M-5601 Spec. 36-48V 500A  DC Motor Speed Controller


Curtis Model: 1205M-5601  36 - 48V 500A
Norminal Battery Voltage (Volts): 36/48 (Two voltage settings are available. The voltage can be set to either 36 volts or 48 volts. By defaut, it is set as 48 volts, with an allowable working range 33-48V. If it is set as 36 volts, the allowable working range is 25-36V). The buyer should confirm with the seller the battery system voltage and the throttle type (0-5kΩ, 5k-0Ω or 0 – 5V).

By defaut, we will the controller of setting of 48V / 500A / 0-5kΩ.

1 Minute Current Rating (amps): 500
5 Second Boost Current (amps): 600
1 Hour Current Rating (amps): 175
Plug Braking (A2 Busbar): Yes


Curtis 1205M programmable series motor controllers are designed to provide smooth, silent, cost-effective control of motor speed and torque. 1205M controllers are updated versions of the popular 1205 controllers, with the added functionality of being programmable—via the Curtis Model 1311-4401 Handhold Programmeror the 1314 PC programming station. This means the controllers
can be tailored to the needs of specific applications. In addition to configuration flexibility, use of the programmer offers diagnostic and test capability.
Curtis 1205M controllers are the ideal solution for a variety of electric vehicle applications, including industrial trucks, personnel carriers, material handing vehicles, golf cars, etc.

Features include:

High-frequency switching and ultra-low voltage drops provide high efficiency and silent operation.

Simple mounting and wiring with push-on connectors for control signals and plated solid copper buses for power connections.

Compatible with either a two-wire potentiometer or a voltage throttle.

Throttle fault protection circuitry disables controller if throttle wires become open.

High pedal disable feature prevents controller operation if key is turned on while throttle is applied.

Plug braking diode internal to controller.

Thermal protection and compensation circuit provides constant current limit over operating range and during under/over temperature cutback; no sudden loss of power under any thermal conditions.

Undervoltage cutback function protects against low battery voltage, including low voltage caused by external loads.

Easily programmable through the Curtis Model 1311-4401 Handhold Programmeror 1314 PC Programming Station.

Rugged anodized aluminum extruded housing meets IP65 environmental sealing standards for use in harsh environments.


Nominal input voltage: 36/48 V (1205M-5601 has two available battery voltage settings. The voltage can be set to either 36 volts or 48 volts.)
PWM operating frequency: 15 kHz
Electrical isolation to heatsink (min.): 500 V
KSI input current (no contactors engaged): < 60 mA without programmer; <130 mA with programmer
Logic input current: <1 mA
Status LED output current (max.): 2 mA
Throttle type: 2-wire 0 – 5kΩ, 2-wire 5kΩ– 0, or 0 – 5V
Storage ambient temperature range: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Operating ambient temp. range: -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
Package environmental rating: ISTA 2A; electronics sealed to IP65
Weight: 2.7 kg
Dimensions (L× W×H) : 199 × 146 × 77 mm
Regulatory compliance: Safety — Designed to the requirements of EN 1175; EMC — Designed to the requirements of EN 12895 and EN 61000

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CURTIS 1205M-5601 DC Motor Controller 36/48V 500A (ของใหม่)
CURTIS 1205M-5601 DC Motor Controller 36/48V 500A (ของใหม่)