ZGT Spring Mounts
ZGT Spring Mounts

ZGT Spring Mounts

Spring ตั้งพื้น

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Capacity: 300~25,000 Kg
More capacity and deflection are available at request

ZGT-D Mounts are highly effective to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from low speed mounted. mechanical equipment into a building structure. They can be used in a wide range of applications involving the isolation of mechanical equipment vibration, some requiring inertia bases in addition to spring isolator, and can be used to support and isolate the following equipment types: chillers, compressors, pumps, internal combustion engines, and similar pulsating equipments.

- Structure High deflection, free-standing, unhoused, large diameter, laterally stable steel springs assembled into an upper loading plate and leveling assembly, welded to the lower loading base plate. Ribbed, noise absorbing pads that are bonded to the bottom and top.
- Holes or slots are provided for bolting the isolator to the structure.
- Epoxy powder coated springs and housings with a 1000 hour salt spray rating.
- Lateral spring stiffness greater than 1.0 times of the rated vertical stiffness and are designed to provide a minimum 50% overload capacity.


ZGT Spring Mounts
ZGT Spring Mounts