Fabric Doctor\'s Kit Cloth Bag

Fabric Doctor\'s Kit Cloth Bag

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This is a lovely toy for all those budding doctors and nurses out there. Children will be able to tend to their sick dolls and teddies and the family pet may even get a medical. No worries with bits breaking off with these toys, get a bit grubby - just throw them in the wash.

The pieces are all easily recognisable and playing with these will take a lot of the stress out of going to the doctors as they will have their own equipment.

This makes a great gift for children who have to spend a lot of time with doctors or in hospital as it desensitises them to some of the equipment they will come in contact with.

For Two years up
Set Includes:
  • One soft zip up doctors bag with handles and with five pieces of medical equipment inside:stethoscope, blood pressure cuff which Velcros around arm and has a pumper and a measure gauge, red cross armband which Velcros around arm, hypodermic and thermometer
Fabric Doctor\'s Kit Cloth Bag
Fabric Doctor\'s Kit Cloth Bag