E2ES-X4D1 2M OMRON  ราคา 1,500 บาท

E2ES-X4D1 2M OMRON ราคา 1,500 บาท

E2ES-X4D1 2M OMRON ราคา 1,500 บาท

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System of common indicators

Response frequency band

X ≤ 100HZ



Output Specifications

DC 2-wire NO

Protection class


Set distance

Detecting a distance of approximately 70%


20% of sensing distance

May object detection

Magnetic metal (non-magnetic metal will reduce the detection distance.)

Standard sensing object

E2ES-X4D1: iron 30 × 30 × 1mm; E2ES-X8D1: iron 54 × 54 × 1mm

Frequency response

E2ES-X4D1: 12Hz; E2ES-X8D1: 8Hz

Power supply voltage (voltage range)

DC12 ~ 24V ripple (pp) 10% or less (DC10 ~ 30V)

Leakage Current

0.8mA or less

(Control output) switching capacity

3 ~ 100mA

(Control output) residual voltage

3V (load current 100mA, cable length 2m time)

Display lights

Operation indicator (red), set the display (green)

Protection circuit

Load short-circuit protection, surge absorber

Ambient temperature

When the action, Storage: 0 ~ +50 ℃(with no icing or condensation)

Ambient humidity

When the action, Storage: 35 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

Effect of temperature

Within a temperature range of 0 ~ +50 ℃+23 ℃when, ± 20% of sensing distance

Effects of voltage

Within ± 15% of the DC12/24V, rated supply voltage, the detection distance of ± 2.5% or less

Insulation Resistance

50MΩ less room (DC500V megger) charging unit and case

Withstanding Voltage

Inter-AC1, 000V 50/60Hz 1min charging unit and case

Vibration (durable)

Upper and lower amplitude 10 ~ 55Hz 1.5mm X, Y, Z directions for 2h

Impact (durable)

1,000 m / s 2 X, Y, Z directions for 10 times

Protection structure

IEC standard IP67 [JEM specifications IP67g (resistant to immersion type, oil type)]


Pre-wired (standard cable length 2m)


Housing screw portion: SUS303 / wire leads: Brass; detection surface: SUS303; tighten the nut: Zinc Iron plating; Circlip: iron sub-lead plating

E2ES-X4D1 2M OMRON  ราคา 1,500 บาท
E2ES-X4D1 2M OMRON ราคา 1,500 บาท