VC520+ Conference Camera
VC520+ Conference Camera

VC520+ Conference Camera

Professional Camera for Video Collaboration in Conference Rooms

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The AVer VC520 Conference Camera is an indispensable video collaboration tool for businesses that use web- or cloud-based conferencing. Suitable for meeting rooms of all sizes, from huddle rooms all the way up to large conference rooms, the VC520 boasts a powerful pan-tilt-zoom camera and an advanced speakerphone, providing delicate, detailed images and vivid sound quality that more than meet the needs of most businesses. Especially well-suited to laptops, the VC520’s plug-and-play design puts high-quality video communication just a USB connection away.

Simply Plug and Play

The VC520 is incredibly easy to use- simply plug its USB connector into a desktop or laptop and you’re ready to go! With no need for device drivers, the VC520 is able to provide top-quality conferencing at a moment’s notice, on nearly any computer.

PTZ Camera with 18X Total Zoom

Boasting pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and 18X zoom, the VC520 will meet your video collaboration needs in conference rooms large or small alike, regardless of whether you want detailed views of small objects or wide views of all participants. Moreover, its quick auto-focus, fast lens, subtle 18X pan/tilt grading and wide angle ensure an unbeatably smooth and lifelike conferencing experience.

Full HD 1080p Output Resolution

Full HD 1080p has never felt more lifelike! Even in poor lighting you can enjoy detailed, crystal-clear views of people and objects at the far site, and motion blur is nonexistent. With quality like this, you’ll forget that everyone isn’t even in the same room.

Unparalleled Daisy-chain Speakerphone

The VC520’s cutting-edge speakerphone combines a 10W speaker and 3 embedded directional microphones, resulting in top-quality audio performance. The speakerphone is also the first in the industry to provide a daisy-chain function, so every participant’s voice will be balanced, smooth and 10 people steady even in large conference rooms.

Up to 10 Camera Presets

With the VC520 there’s no need to waste time panning and zooming manually during meetings – simply program its presets ahead of time, and then during the meeting you can shift the camera from a wide view of the room to a close-up of an object with just the press a button. With not just 1, but 10 of these presets available, you can prepare yourself for nearly any situation in any environment.

VC520+ Conference Camera
VC520+ Conference Camera