SCHNEIDER ATV630U75N4 ราคา 26040 บาท

SCHNEIDER ATV630U75N4 ราคา 26040 บาท

SCHNEIDER ATV630U75N4 ราคา 26040 บาท

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range of product
Altivar Process ATV600
product or component type
Variable speed drive
product specific application
Process and utilities
device short name
Standard version
product destination
Asynchronous motors
Synchronous motors
mounting mode
Wall mount
EMC filter
Integrated EN/IEC 61800-3 category C3 <= 150 m
Integrated EN/IEC 61800-3 category C2 <= 50 m
IP degree of protection
IP21 conforming to IEC 61800-5-1
IP21 conforming to IEC 60529
degree of protection
UL type 1 UL 508C
type of cooling
Forced convection
supply frequency
50...60 Hz - 5...5 %
network number of phases
3 phases
[Us] rated supply voltage
380...480 V - 15...10 %
motor power kW
7.5 kW normal duty
5.5 kW heavy duty
motor power hp
10 hp normal duty
7.5 hp heavy duty
line current
13.8 A 380 V normal duty
11.9 A 480 V normal duty
10.5 A 380 V heavy duty
9.2 A 480 V heavy duty
prospective line Isc
50 kA
apparent power
9.9 kVA 480 V normal duty
7.6 kVA 480 V heavy duty
continuous output current
16.5 A 4 kHz normal duty
12.7 A 4 kHz heavy duty
maximum transient current
18.2 A 60 s normal duty
19.1 A 60 s heavy duty
asynchronous motor control profile
Constant torque standard
Variable torque standard
Optimized torque mode
synchronous motor control profile
Permanent magnet motor
Synchronous reluctance motor
speed drive output frequency
0.1...599 Hz
output frequency
0.0001...0.5 kHz
nominal switching frequency
4 kHz
switching frequency
2...12 kHz adjustable
4...12 kHz with derating factor
safety function
STO (safe torque off) SIL 3
discrete input logic
16 preset speeds
communication port protocol
Modbus serial
Modbus TCP
option card
Communication module Profibus DP V1 slot A
Communication module Profinet slot A
Communication module DeviceNet slot A
Communication module Modbus TCP/EtherNet/IP slot A
Communication module CANopen daisy chain RJ45 slot A
Communication module CANopen SUB-D 9 slot A
Communication module CANopen screw terminals slot A
Digital and analog I/O extension module slot A/slot B
Output relay extension module slot A/slot B
Communication module Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP/MD-Link slot A
Communication module BACnet MS/TP
Communication module Ethernet Powerlink

SCHNEIDER ATV630U75N4 ราคา 26040 บาท
SCHNEIDER ATV630U75N4 ราคา 26040 บาท