When installing a secondary clock, a controller for exclusive use with it is required (optional).

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บริษัท แลนเด็กซ์ พรีซิชั่น จำกัด เป็นผู้นำเข้า ผู้แทนจำหน่าย นาฬิกาภายนอกอาคารสำเร็จรูป ยี่ห้อ Seiko และจัดจำหน่ายนาฬิกา, เครื่องนาฬิกา, นาฬิกาแขวน, นาฬิกาปลุก, นาฬิกาตั้งโต๊ะ, อุปกรณ์-อะไหล่นาฬิกา, เครื่องใช้สำนักงาน, เครื่องใช้ภายในบ้าน, อุปกรณ์คอมพิวเตอร์ และของใช้ต่าง ๆ อีกหลากหลายยี่่ห้อ เช่น Seiko, Twemco, Wellgain, iamclock, jpoint, Rhythm etc.   Founded:                                         26th  December  1989  Industrialist Name:                            Mr. Ittipat  Jor Jitcharoenchai, General Manager Industrialist Experience:                  20 years for clock movement and parts trading experience.                                                                 4 years for  MDF  wooden production and trading experience.                                                                 11  years for trading and sourcing many material and products experience. Such as home decorative items, metal stationary, wooden hand craft product, electronic product etc. 5  years for system clock and outdoor clock system 12   years to be  official distributor of  SKP (Seiko) clock movement in Thailand 5 Years to be official distributor of Seiko time system (Japan) in Thailand 8 Years to be official distributor of Twemco Industrials Limited Company Establish Date:                  26 December 1989  (26 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2532) Registered Capital:                            2,000,000 baht Number of Personnel:                        8 Address:                                                5  Rajburana Rd., Bangpakok, Rajburana, Bangkok 10140 Thailand Telephone Number:                           (662) 427-5314 Fax Number:                                        (662) 336-0521 Mobile Phone:                                      (6684) 542-5449 E-mail Address:                                   landex@gmail.com Web site:                                               http://www.landexshop.com , http://www.iamclock.com Products  And Services:                    -         Clock Movement and parts from many company in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China such as  SKP, Rhythm, takene, Wellgain , Young Town etc. -         Competed clock from Seiko, Rhythm, Twemco, Wellington and other companies -         Outdoor clock, indoor big clock and  system clock for big project  from Seiko System clock  from Japan and Twemco from Hong Kong -         Usb flash drive and other related electronic product -         Home decorative items Share Nationality :                           Thai 100% Associations :                                  Importer, Exporter , Distributer, Sole Agent, Consultant in premium product  and Sourcing service Company in Cooperation (Suppliers and Customers) for example:                        -Wellgain Precision Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. -Wellgain Group -Twemco Time System Ltd. -Seiko Precision (Hong Kong) Ltd. -Index Living Mall Co., Ltd. -Technology Store co., Ltd. -A and  A Group Ltd. -VP Group. - KP square limited partnership -Oriental Pewter (Thailand) Co., Ltd. -Silpfa Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. -Extra form manufacturing -Nam Ngai Hong Industry Co., Ltd. -Tetra Pak (Thai) Ltd. -Union Commercial Co., Ltd. -Spar Mechatronics Co., Ltd. -Wall of Frame -KC&L Industry Co., Ltd. -Aanonsen Jernvarer As -Patthara  Asia Publishing Co., Ltd. -The mall Group Co., Ltd. -Central Retail Corporation Ltd. -Robinson Department Store Public Company Limited -Gumption Design Co., Ltd. -We Why Brand Co., Ltd. -Scale-Concept  Living Co., LTd. -Gobobble -HIFI International Co., Ltd. -North Territory Co., Ltd. -Thai Industrial Gases Plc. -The Jim Thompson Art Center -Japan Foundation , Bangkok -Mastermind Advertising Co., Ltd. -Mixen Corporation co., Ltd. -Chao Phaya Insurance Public Company Limited -Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand -The RBSC Polo Club -Oishi Group Public Company Limited -Kasemkij Co., Ltd. -Sombatchai Plastic Industry Ltd. -SCG Network Management Co., Ltd. -Marigot Jewellery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. -Jay Mart Public Company Limited - Siam Cement marketing - Propagandist - Thanacity Golf and sport club - Fuji restaurant - Oishi group of company - Summit Cugoku Seira Co., Ltd. - GRP Hitech (1999) Co., Ltd. - Ajinomoto - PTT Chemical Public Company Limited - Siam Samsung Insurance - B.P.C Ceramics Co., Ltd. -Epson Precision Thailand -Central Restaurant Group - Dunlop Adhesive (Thailand) Co. ,Ltd. -Ichiton Group - Kempin Siam Co., Ltd. - test            



When installing a secondary clock, a controller

for exclusive use with it is required (optional).