Industrial Peristaltic Pump G100-2J
Industrial Peristaltic Pump G100-2J
Industrial Peristaltic Pump G100-2J

Industrial Peristaltic Pump G100-2J

Industrial Type - Industrial Peristaltic Pump G100-2J

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* With aluminium alloy housing, the pump has good corrosive resistance and could be used in corrosive environment.
* With the powerful electro magnetic compatibility, the pump will not behave unacceptably in the EMI environment and will not interfere with other electronic equipment.
* With high IP rating, the pump could be used in wet and dusty environment.

Flow rates:0-500 ml/min

Max. Number of Channels:4

ain Functions and Features

Suitable Tubing:

Flow Rate Curves:

Technical Specifications

* Speed: 0rpm-100rpm,CW/CCW
* Speed resolution: 0.1rpm
* Display: LCD
* Control mode: Keypad, external signal control and communication control are available
* External control: Start/stop control, direction control: voltage level signal or switch signal are optional.
* Speed control: 0-5V,0-10V,4-20mA,0-10kHz are optional with uniform interface, max speed can be changed within 100rpm.
* Communication control: RS485 interface, Longer protocol or Modbus protocol, the communication parameters (baud rate, parity, stop bit) can be set through keypad.
* Parameter memory: Running parameters and system parameters will be saved automatically.
* Running state when power on: The running state when power on can be set as stop or as previous state.
* Prime: Fast filling or emptying at full speed
* EMC: Comply with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
* Keypad lock function: Keypad can be locked to prevent the misoperation. The locking delay time can be set.
* Dimension(L X W X H): 235mm*142mm*152mm
* Power supply: AC90V-260V/20W,50-60Hz
* Operating temperature: 0℃-40℃
* Relative humidity: 10%-90%
* IP rating: IP65
* Weight: 3.64kg

Other parameters

ModelProduct CodePump HeadTubingMax. Flow Rate(ml/min)Weight (kg)
YZ2515X15# 24#270
YZⅡ2515# 24#35#36#500
FG25-1315# 24#320
DMD15-13-B2*13# 2*14# 2*19# 2*16# 2*25#3754.07
DG15-2416# 25# 17#300 (Single Channel)4.46
DG15-2813# 14#  ID≤3.17mm
Wall Thickness 0.8-1mm
75 (Single Channel)4.31
DG-(1, 2, 4) 6 RollersID≤3.17mm
Wall Thickness 0.8-1mm
48 (Single Channel)3.84-3.91
DG-(1, 2, 4) 10 Rollers32 (Single Channel)


Industrial Peristaltic Pump G100-2J
Industrial Peristaltic Pump G100-2J